Persuasive Essay About Divorce

Choosing Argumentative Essay Topics On Divorce: Best Tips & Examples

Divorce or legal separation forces couples live separately. If they have children, the dispute starts about the child custody. To be frank, when you write the persuasive essays on divorce, you must have handful strong reasons and facts to build up the informative argumentative essay. In this regard, choose the best persuasive essay topic on divorce.

Some tips for people dealing with divorce

Right now, many young women suffer from deep trauma due to dull marriage life. They have to live independently without depending on their hubbies. These maverick women are educated and they want to earn money to buy comfort and keep their children happy. Needless to say, while writing such a powerful argumentative essay on legal separation, mention some of the causes of divorce. Why do women want divorce? What is the reason of choosing divorce to end the solution? Is it the right solution for a woman to seek divorce? Make your argument livelier and more interesting by bringing some juicy divorce topics which entice readers to read the content enthusiastically. For instance, who gets benefits by getting divorce- man or woman? It is very funny when a bevy of sexy ladies chat with their dashing boy friends at college campuses. Usually, hubbies get common benefits by bringing their sweethearts to their abodes. A house maker cooks food, prepares lunch and dinner items and hit the bed at night to entertain their hubbies. They are obedient to their male partners. They are also found rearing up their kids at home. Hubbies take care of outdoor activities. Often when hubbies are out of stations or sick, house wives take their children to schools. Therefore, forceful legal separation destroys the peace of the family. On the other hand, women who don’t need subjection or bondage to spend the lives like slaves go for divorce. They have the ability to nestle their kids without taking the financial support from their hubbies. Your argument can hover highlighting this important issue. Is divorce beneficial to a man? Well, many women want liberty. They are also empowered to fight to have their rights to enjoy equal status. Many innocent women are victimized due to domestic violence and injustice. So legal separation will give them power to defend. Continue asking your readers to give their comments about the necessity of divorce.

Recent studies have shown that divorce damages the peace and personal relationship. It changes the lifestyles of couples. Conventional beliefs about the family planning and human relationship are fast changing. Children are affected when they see their parents living in separate compartments. So the side effect of divorce influences the children as well. Maybe, due to lack of love, care and personal responsibility, the importance of divorce increases. Your persuasive essay should showcase the present scenario of human relationship in the society. Is divorce acceptable to you? Finish your content by making overall assessment in this connection.

Divorce rates point to a world that does not see much success in marriage. For instance, in Maldives, the divorce rate is so high that the UN calculated that the typical Maldivian woman, by the age of 30, has been divorced three times (Marriage Advice). What are the causes of these high divorce rates? There are 10 main causes we can discuss.

Extramarital affairs is the main reason for divorces (Oliver). Infidelity causes anger and resentment among those who are married, and often tears apart the emotional connection couples have. Though one event of infidelity can be tackled through counseling, multiple accounts of extramarital affairs usually result in divorce.

Another main reason why people get divorced is money. Different spending habits, opposite financial goals, and a lack of money can produce great strain on a marriage (Oliver). If the couple has children, money becomes even more vital to the sustainability of the relationship.

Though it may seem minor, a lack of communication is another key reason for divorce. If one or both partners in the marriage feel they cannot express themselves properly, or feel they are not being listened to, resentment can easily settle in (Oliver). Yelling and interrupting are common signs that a couple is not communicating well.

Some people cannot stand the amount of arguments they have with their partners. If couples are
bickering constantly, the joy of marriage cannot show through (Oliver). Arguments commonly stem from not being able to understand another person’s view, which is essential in a healthy relationship.

Unfortunately, weight gain leads to many divorces. Say if a couple started out as both skinny, and one partner became overweight, the attraction to that partner might be lost. That loss of attraction causes many to turn in divorce papers, as they cannot fathom staying in a relationship with someone they do not feel comfortable with in a romantic way (Oliver).

Another prominent cause of divorce is unreasonable expectations (Oliver). It is good for the partners in marriage to discuss each other’s expectations before signing the matrimony papers, as partners often have varying expectations of what the marriage entails, and the positions the partners will hold in it. Sometimes one partner will have lofty expectations for the marriage without his or her partner realizing it.

Though love should be the overriding reason to get married, it seems, a lack of intimacy causes many couples to get divorced. The romantic, maybe even infatuated love that married couples feel in the beginning of their marriages eventually subsides. It is natural, but how the partners deal with this decrease in sexual contact often decides how the future marriage will pan out (Oliver).

Though common sense, equality in marriages is not often achieved. Each partner should feel equal in the marriage, and not dominated. Though it is delicate balance, it can be accomplished. Those who cannot achieve this often ask for a divorce, as they feel they are being shackled by his or her marriage instead of feeling a sense of joy and happiness from the relationship (Oliver).

Alas, some people are not prepared for marriage. Many people rush to get married in a romantic frenzy without taking in the consequences of such an action (Oliver). They could be unprepared in terms of financial stability, emotional stability, and mental stability. Surprisingly, the age group with the highest rate of divorce are people in their 20s (Oliver). So, when getting married, be sure that you feel that everything is set for the occasion.

A sad fact about marriages is that with emotional, physical, and mental strain, abuse can follow. This abuse does not have to refer to only physical abuse, but also emotional and psychological abuse (Oliver). Abuse can come from both men and women, and should not be thought of only as an attack against women, however women are subject to most of the physical abuse that occurs.

As you can see, the cause of divorce is multifaceted. Though one issue might put enough pressure on a marriage for the couple to go for a divorce, commonly a combination of problems arise that lend to the couple pondering the end of their relationship. Through infidelity, money issues, a lack of communication, constant arguing, weight gain, unrealistic expectations, a lack of intimacy, a lack of equality, a lack of preparedness, and abuse, marriages are broken. It is important for couples, therefore, to get counseling when any of these issues arise.


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