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A 9 page research paper discussing the problem of addiction, its causes, process & development, treatment etc; Bibliography contains 6 sources.
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Addiction # 2
5 pages in length. Beginning with an anecdotal introduction, paper discusses addiction as it specifically applies to drug and alcohol addiction. The addictive properties of specific drugs are outlined. Bibliography not available.
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Childhood Sexual Abuse As A Predictor Of Adolescent Substance Abuse
A 20 page research proposal that suggests a correlation between childhood sexual abuse and adolescent substance abuse. Bibliography lists more than a dozen sources.
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Substance Abuse and Social Problems
A 20 page research study that looks at the issue of substance abuse and correlating social problems, like teen pregnancy, crime, increased welfare costs and the cost not only to the individual and family, but cost to society as well. Bibliography...
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Current Drug Trends in America - 1980 to the Present
This 10 page report discusses the illegal drug trends that have taken place in the United States over the past two decades. Drugs have made a tremendous impact on American society over the past thirty to forty years, yet many Americans are often...
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Substance Abuse/Effects on Children
A 6 page research paper that examines the effects of parental substance abuse on their children and argues that such abuse greatly increases the chances that their children will, likewise, develop substance abuse problems. Bibliography lists 4...
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Teenage Drug & Alcohol Abuse
A 17 page paper on teenage drug abuse that pays particular attention to the extent of the problem in the United States, and particularly Alaska, why the 1980s programs are no longer working, what other U.S. communities are doing to make changes, and...
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Problem of Teen Drinking in Society
This 7 page paper explores the topic of adolescent use of alcohol sociologically. A variety of theories are discussed including functionalism and differential association. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
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Counseling the Addicted Teen
8 pages in length. Discusses addiction, counseling, treatment, and various pertinent programs available to assist adolescents involved with the use of drugs & alcohol. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
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Teen Drug Abuse / Literature Review
This 5 page model literature research report addresses the subject of teen drug abuse and peer pressure. A variety of theories are explored. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
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Alcoholism / A Realistic Case
A 10 page narrative illustratively detailing the author's experience with a friend who was discovered to be an alcoholic. Near the report's conclusion, an analysis is made based upon common concepts and terminologies taught in health and even...
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Alcohol -- Here's to Your Health?
A 7 page paper discussing both the health benefits and the health problems associated with regular wine consumption. Numerous experts are divided in their opinions on the topic and some of the opposing viewpoints and information are presented in...
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Psychological Effects of Alcoholism
In 5 pages, the author discusses the psychological effects of alcoholism. Alcohol is a powerful drug that causes physical, social, and psychological effects. Those effects include anxiety and depression. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
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The Historical Realities of Alcoholism in the Mexican American Community and the Social Implications
This 8 page paper considers the historical realities of alcohol abuse in the Mexican American community and the implications of this problem. In addition, this paper also relates a comparison between European American and Mexican American incident...
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The Relationship Between Alcohol and Sex / Physical, Psychological, Social
A 5 page research paper that discusses the topic subject especially in terms of the teenager and adolescent. The writer offers statistics that are alarming, to say the least, regarding the rise of HIV/AIDS among our adolescent population. Effects of...
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