Essay On Health Tourism A Boon Or Curse

Goa is a land of tranquillity and beauty. It is one of the most sought after tourist destinations of India. Indians as well as foreign tourist flock to Goa for the ultimate vacation.

After mining, tourism is the main source of revenue, but the field of tourism itself can be sub-divided. The Goa government is now focusing on medical tourism (or health tourism) to boost footfalls in the overall sector of the state.

“The modern medical institutions set up in Goa regularly promote medical tourism and wellness packages. Even the government-run Goa Medical College, offers specialised treatments that attracts patients from all over the world,” said Director of Tourism Sanjiv Gauns Dessai 

Dentistry attracts a lot of foreign tourists. A local Goan dentist recently stated that around 20% of his customers are foreign nationals and he has been receiving them for the past 32 years. The foreign customers go on to recommend him to their friends and relatives.

Have you ever wondered if medical tourism  will benefit us Goans or not? Here is a list of the positive and negative aspects of health tourism.

Benefits of Medical tourism

  • Meeting with the international medical standards, means we will have latest technology and high standards of medical treatment within our state. Therefore this will positively impact the living standards and quality of life in Goa.
  • The government is taking steps to address infrastructure issues that hinder the growth in medical tourism, resulting in more job opportunities in the state.
  • No language barriers for ill patients in comparison to travelling to a foreign country to receive treatment. In addition India is known in particular for heart surgery, hip resurfacing and other areas of advanced medicine which is very costly in Europe and America. Thus saving huge cost which would otherwise be spent on travel, accommodation and currency exchange.
  • Foreign currency entering Goa, which means rise in revenue and growth of the economy.

Inconveniences of Medical tourism

  • Tourism in general, causes cultural destruction due to mono-culture (modernity). Traditions in Goa like mat making and pottery are dying because of the rise in modern day culture.
  • Environment destruction takes place in order to develop the necessary infrastructure required for medical tourism.
  • The business can become unstable as international events such as recession and international government body’s along with their decisions can affect this type of tourism.
  • Employment maybe restricted, this is uncertain but in order to have qualified workforce in the medical tourism field recruitment may take place outside Goa.

Just like every other field of business, there are always two sides to a coin. In the name of development, the environment suffers and vice-versa. The government must realise that sustainable development is a very important factor and that the needs of the citizens of Goa must be put first.

After all, tourists will come and go, but we are here to stay. Share your thoughts on the subject in the comment box.

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Essay on Tourism - Curse or Blessing

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Tourism Resource Development

Individual Assignment

Tourism – A Curse or a Blessing?

Tourism – Blessing or Curse?
Tourism is one of the most influential and powerful industrial service sectors in the global economy. With a current contribution of 6-7% of the overall number of jobs worldwide and an annual receipt of around 1,030 billion US Dollars in 2012 (UNWTO, 2012), tourism proves itself as a strong and solid industry. Furthermore, tourism ranks fourth as an export category behind fuel, chemicals and food indicating the power of a service-based industry in the global market (UNWTO, 2012). Nevertheless, tourism is also dealing with its negative impacts on different destinations such as the great…show more content…

Especially in developing countries, the problem of child sex tourism occurs (Verheijen, 2012). With a tourism growth rate of 8% in South-East Asia (UNWTO, 2012), tourism seems to proves itself as a stable and profitable economic sector in these regions. Hence, it is evaluated as a profitable possibility to generate income rapidly. Mainly girls are forced to ‘work’ in prostitution by relatives, due to the poor economic situation in their home countries (Verheijen, 2012) and the hope to make a ‘fast buck’. Thereby, it is possible to state that tourism stimulates child sex tourism in particular regions.

Nevertheless, tourism also has the power/influence to fight against the abovementioned developments. It can be outline that tourism is a product which runs through several stages of consumption and thereby, creates many contact points of professionals and consumers which could be used in order to educate and raise awareness about sustainable travelling (see appendix, Figure 2: Contact Points of Consumers with Professionals) (Verheijen, 2012). Especially in the case of child sex tourism, Verheijen (2012) states that tourist have the ability to report suspicious behaviour because they are at the face of happenings. There are many possibilities to report back to such as different travel organisations and the ECPAT (“End Child Prostitution, child pornography And the Trafficking of children

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