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Intercultural marriage - Argumentative Essay

Intercultural marriage, be it interethnic, antireligious, or interracial, is one of the typical processes anticipated in sociological theories linking to situations in which social groups have prospects for interaction within a comparatively open backgrounds. The occurrence of intercultural marriage is a fundamental test for the extent of cultural-spiritual incorporation within a given social order.

Intercultural marriage is in addition, a suitable circumstance for appraising the temperament of changes in social configuration and norms. It provides imminent into alters in the implication of religious beliefs in determining people's lives, of the persuades of secular attitudes, and of the extent of reception of religious uniqueness in the society, and of the eagerness of individuals from the minority group to react to the stimuli accessible to them by contemporary modernity.

Research has revealed that successful interracial marriages have quite a few factors in common. Partners in such marriages have a tendency to marry when they are a little older than same-race partners.

They have almost certainly had longer courtships than same-race pairs. They have demonstrated a capability for independence in thinking, decision-making, and existing. They tend to be middle-class with better-than-average education. They have been uncovered to cross-cultural experiences. After marriage, they frequently live in international areas.

Intercultural marriage recognizes that while the backgrounds of the partners vary, their love is based on shared values. These values may obtain from different sources, but feel well matched to the partners. Interfaith marriage, suggests an effort to join, or marry, two different belief systems. This dissimilarity may be semantic, but it is expressively valid. Intercultural marriage places the dissimilarity in the past, not the present. (Houlbrooke, Pp. 43)

Intercultural marriages have quadrupled ever since the 1970s. They have jumped from 146 per 100,000 couples in 1970 to 396 per 100,000 in 1990. A latest Gannett News Service poll illustrates that 38 percent of whites, 43 percent of blacks and 56 percent of Asians said they were "expected" to have an interracial romantic relationship. “Intercultural dating could help attain world peace and decrease prejudice. There are more intercultural marriages in parts of the world where there are fewer intercultural problems” [Alba, R. D. 1990. PG 21]Marriage is a form of rigorous and daily-based relations in which two persons share experiences and events all along their life cycle. In modern societies, marriage officially generates a new household, and in order to make sure its long-standing constancy, the two partners are required to make shared compromises in behaviors, approaches, and life-styles. This has become more possible in today's model of partnership in which wives and husbands may stick on less to customary ways of relating and, through increasing stress on open communication and cooperation, can attain better understanding and closer relations. (Mehta, Dev Pp. 15)

“When marriage is characterized by need of religious familiarity, as it is in interfaith marriage, compromises may frequently include changes in beliefs, rites, way of life, or any other expressions of meticulous group belonging”. The way men and women communicate verbally is ...

Interracial Marriage

When people of two different races marry, their type of marriage is known as interracial marriage. This kind of marriage has existed in this 21st century, with new polls indicating that huge numbers of whites are marrying the blacks. Few countries have illegalized this issue while thousands of them have turned to experiment the new option. Countries that oppose this type of marriage are still living in the past. An example of such a state is Mississippi, whereby a recent survey indicated that 76% of the voters were considered to be very preservative. Through this, it is important to analyze the reasons for the delayed adoption of interracial marriage. Many families must have experienced a situation whereby their kids ask, “Dad, why am I different from mum?” and the vice versa. Getting to the underside of this matter might take some time. Often, children of interracial marriage get lost in cultural identity. Even though this is an important concept for children, the success of these children depends on the connection between the racial self- esteem and the child’s success. Again, children from this type of marriage find it hard to socialize. This is due to the fact that they have a culture of double heritage. A child will spend much of her time without noticing equal exposure to her two cultural heritages; father and mother.

Countries across the world have a slowed adoption to interracial marriage. This is as a result of the problems that are encountered. The society, in most countries, does not agree with the issue of interracial marriage. It would be uncomfortable to lead a life that is opposed by many in the community. This forms the negative society attitudes towards this issue. For example, it is probable to find that some couples consist of one side in which interracial marriage is approved, while on the other hand, interracial marriage is disapproved.

Being a modern initiative, interracial marriage has sought to explain the need to cut cultural boundaries and give an explanation of the cultural identities. However, many do not consent to this idea; hence oppose it by all means. Instead of becoming the biggest beneficiaries of the aspect, children tend to become the biggest losers since their level of concentration in their education is a bit low. The many opposers of this motion in different parts of the world also form the basis in which the issue can delay, not until the whole world becomes civilized on some specific matters such as this.

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