Btec Business Level 2 Assignment Briefs For Girls

Course Description

Paper 1: Physical Geography

This course will cover the academic study of:

Water and Carbon Cycles: The focus is on water and carbon at or near the Earth’s surface and the dynamic processes associated with them. Students will study a rainforest biome and a river catchment to demonstrate how   these cycles are related to environmental change and human activity.

Coastal systems and landscapes: Students will study the physical and human processes that have shaped the world’s coastlines, as well as the potential impacts of predicted climate change.

Hazards: Humans are risk from a variety of natural hazards, and students will study the origins of tectonic and atmospheric hazards and how they impact on humans in low income and high income countries.

Paper 2: Human Geography

Global systems and global governance: The focus is on globalisation – the economic, political and social changes associated with technological and other driving forces which have been a key feature of global economy and society in recent decades. Students will study systems of global governance, political, social and environmental interdependence, and the importance of international trade and access to markets.

Changing Places: Students will study two contrasting places, one of which will be local. They will examine how demographic, socio-economic and cultural characteristics of places are shaped by shifting flows of people, resources, money and investment.

Population and the environment: Students will explore the relationships between key aspects of physical geography and population numbers, population health and well-being, levels of economic development and the role and impact of the natural environment.

Paper 3: Geographical Investigation

Students are given the opportunity to write an independently researched piece of coursework based on their own geographical investigation. Students will have to conduct fieldwork, collect and analyse data as part of the individual investigation which may be based on either human or physical aspects of geography, or a combination of both.

Recommended Entry Requirements

GCSE Maths and English grade 5

3 Other GCSEs at A*-C including a B in Geography.

You’re welcome to use your own forms and templates, but it may be worth referring to ours to ensure you’ve got the essentials covered. 

General guidance

Plagiarism factsheet 124.2 KB pdf /content/dam/pdf/BTEC-Firsts/news/V727c2_BTEC_Plagiarism_factsheet.pdf false BTEC Centre Guide to Internal Assessment 240.6 KB pdf /content/dam/pdf/BTEC-Firsts/news/Guide_to_Internal_Assessment_for_BTEC_Firsts_and_Nationals.pdf false BTEC Centre Guide to Internal Verification This guide provides essential guidance on the planning and implementation of internal verification for all BTEC qualifications. It explains the assessment requirements for BTECs accredited on the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) as well as next generation BTECs accredited on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). 369.1 KB pdf /content/dam/pdf/btec-brand/BTEC_Centre_Guide_to_Internal_Verification.pdf false Instructions for sending BTEC samples via Parcelforce We have an account with Parcelforce that you can use, free of charge, for sending standards verification samples. This document guides you through the process. Please note the new login details. 726.0 KB pdf /content/dam/pdf/Support/BTEC-assessment-and-verification-forms/BTEC-Parcelforce-Instructions.pdf false

BTEC Assessment Plan 89.2 KB xlsx /content/dam/pdf/Support/BTEC-assessment-and-verification-forms/from-january-2016/BTEC_Assessment_Plan.xlsx false BTEC Assessment Record 69.4 KB docx /content/dam/pdf/Support/BTEC-assessment-and-verification-forms/from-january-2016/BTEC_Assessment_Record.docx false BTEC Assignment Brief 73.6 KB docx /content/dam/pdf/Support/BTEC-assessment-and-verification-forms/from-january-2016/BTEC_Assignment_Brief.docx false BTEC IV Assessment Decisions Multiple Learners 71.4 KB docx /content/dam/pdf/Support/BTEC-assessment-and-verification-forms/from-january-2016/BTEC_IV_assessment_decisions.docx false BTEC IV of Assignment Brief 70.6 KB docx /content/dam/pdf/Support/BTEC-assessment-and-verification-forms/from-january-2016/BTEC_IV_of_Assignment_Brief.docx false BTEC IV Plan 18.2 KB xlsx /content/dam/pdf/Support/BTEC-assessment-and-verification-forms/from-january-2016/IV-Plan.xlsx false Record of activity guidance 71.4 KB docx /content/dam/pdf/Support/BTEC-assessment-and-verification-forms/from-january-2016/Record-of-Activity-Guidance.docx false Learner Assessment Submission and Declaration 76.7 KB docx /content/dam/pdf/Support/BTEC-assessment-and-verification-forms/from-january-2016/Learner_Assessment_Submission_Declaration.docx false BTEC IV Assessment Decisions Single Learner 71.0 KB docx /content/dam/pdf/Support/BTEC-assessment-and-verification-forms/from-january-2016/BTEC-IV-Assessment-Decisions-for-Single-Learner.docx false Record of Practical Activity 72.3 KB docx /content/dam/pdf/Support/BTEC-assessment-and-verification-forms/from-january-2016/V2.0 BTEC Record of Practical Activity.docx false

Assessment Activity Record 38.7 KB docx /content/dam/pdf/Support/BTEC-assessment-and-verification-forms/from-january-2016/Assessment_Activity_Record.docx false Assessment Question and Answer Record Document 38.1 KB docx /content/dam/pdf/Support/BTEC-assessment-and-verification-forms/from-january-2016/Assessment_Question_and_Answer_Record_Document.docx false BTEC Employer Involvement Plan 15.5 KB docx /content/dam/pdf/Support/BTEC-assessment-and-verification-forms/from-january-2016/BTEC_Employer_Involvement_Plan.docx false Engagement Initial Plan 40.0 KB docx /content/dam/pdf/Support/BTEC-assessment-and-verification-forms/from-january-2016/Engagement_Initial_Plan.docx false Example of Learner Journal Paperwork 43.1 KB docx /content/dam/pdf/Support/BTEC-assessment-and-verification-forms/from-january-2016/Example_of_Learner_Journal_Paperwork.docx false Witness Statement 13.4 KB docx /content/dam/pdf/Support/BTEC-assessment-and-verification-forms/from-january-2016/Witness_Statement.docx false

BTEC HN Internal Verification of Assignment Briefs SF 468.3 KB docx /content/dam/pdf/Support/BTEC-assessment-and-verification-forms/from-january-2016/btec-hn-internal-verification-of-assignment-briefs-sf.docx false Summative Assignment Feedback Form 273.3 KB docx /content/dam/pdf/Support/BTEC-assessment-and-verification-forms/from-january-2016/summative-assignment-feedback-form.docx false BTEC HN Internal Verification of Assessment Decisions 279.5 KB docx /content/dam/pdf/Support/BTEC-assessment-and-verification-forms/from-january-2016/btec-hn-internal-verification-of-assessment-decisions.docx false Assignment Brief Template 247.6 KB docx /content/dam/pdf/Support/BTEC-assessment-and-verification-forms/from-january-2016/assignment-brief-template.docx false Observation Record 41.7 KB docx /content/dam/pdf/Support/BTEC-assessment-and-verification-forms/from-january-2016/Observation-record-HN.docx false Witness Statement 42.1 KB docx /content/dam/pdf/Support/BTEC-assessment-and-verification-forms/from-january-2016/Witness-statement-HN.docx false Assessment Planning 42.7 KB docx /content/dam/pdf/Support/BTEC-assessment-and-verification-forms/from-january-2016/Assessment-planning-HN.docx false Assessment Tracking 42.9 KB docx /content/dam/pdf/Support/BTEC-assessment-and-verification-forms/from-january-2016/Assessment-tracking-HN.docx false Internal verification of assessment decisions (QCF) 41.5 KB doc /content/dam/pdf/Support/BTEC-assessment-and-verification-forms/from-january-2016/Internal_verification_of_assessment_decisions_QCF.doc false Internal verification of assignment brief (QCF) 45.0 KB doc /content/dam/pdf/Support/BTEC-assessment-and-verification-forms/from-january-2016/Internal_verification_of_assignment_brief_QCF.doc false

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