Page Layout Assignment Salesforce Chatter

Customize the information and publisher actions for groups.

Available in: Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, Contact Manager, and Developer Editions

To customize Chatter group layouts:“Customize Application”

Changes to Chatter group layouts, except for publisher action and layout changes, reflect in the Salesforce1 app only.Changes to publisher actions and layouts for groups reflect in both the full Salesforce site and in Salesforce1.

  1. From Setup, click .
  2. Click Edit next to the group layout you want to customize, or click New to create a new layout.
  3. On the Page Layout Editor, drag and drop fields, actions, and other user interface elements from the palette to the different sections on the page to add them to the layout. Drag and drop them back to the palette to remove them from the layout.
    • To customize the publisher actions for Chatter groups without customers, click override the global layout or in the Publisher Actions section. The standard actions for groups (such as Post, File, Link, Poll, and Announcement) are automatically added to the new publisher layout. Add, remove, or reorder actions as necessary.
    • Chatter groups with customers display only standard actions, such as Post, File, Link, and Poll, in the publisher. You can’t add, remove, or reorder publisher actions in customer groups.
    • To revert to the global publisher layout, hover over the Publisher Actions section and click .
  4. Click Save.
  5. Optionally, click Page Layout Assignment on the group layout list view to assign group layouts by user profiles.
For example, to allow group owners and managers to archive, configure automatic archiving, and activate groups from the Salesforce1 app, add the IsArchived and IsAutoArchiveDisabled fields to the Group Detail section. Or, add the New Group and New Group Member actions to the group publisher to allow users to create groups, add group members, and post announcements directly from the group publisher. You can also reorder the actions, including the standard publisher actions, by popularity for ease of use.
The following considerations apply to group publisher actions:
  • The New Group action is a global action, but it isn’t added to the global publisher layout by default. You can add it to the global publisher layout, the group publisher layout, and the publisher layout for any object. Like all global actions, you can change the fields and layout for the New Group action from the global actions list view in Setup.
  • The New Group Member action is an object-specific action for Chatter groups that allows users to add members to the group directly from the group’s publisher. You can add the New Group Member action from the list of actions on the page layout editor for groups. You can’t customize the fields and layout of the New Group Member action.

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