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The Board of Trustees, through its Core Beliefs, is committed to ensuring all students graduate college-and career-ready, through the consistent application of high-quality effective instruction, balanced assessment, and a rigorous accountability system.  The Board of Trustees is further committed to closing the achievement gap by implementing culturally responsive practices throughout the district, as well as engaging families and the community.  The following policy, guiding principles and practices support these commitments. 

The Board of Trustees of the Washoe County School District recognizes that homework plays an important role in the learning process.  The Trustees maintain that conventional purposes for homework are practice, preparation, check for understanding, and development of work habits.


1.    Guiding Principles

a.    Homework is an essential component of the instructional process. Homework should provide reinforcement and extension of class instruction and should serve as a basis for further study and preparation for future class assignments.

b.    Homework is one of many learning activities to engage students. Homework should: extend learning and/or provide practice in applying concepts initially presented in the classroom; provide opportunities for independent work; strengthen concept and skill development; and provide opportunities for enrichment.

c.    Implementation of effective homework practices throughout the District depends on the cooperation, communication and support among students, parents/guardians, teachers, and administrators. 

d.    Strong partnerships ensure families are welcomed as full members of the educational community and in the educational decision-making process for students.

e.    Effective homework practices ensure support that is responsive to student need relevant to equitable access and resources available outside the school setting.

f.     Homework should not create inequity or otherwise cause a disadvantage to students’ learning success due to time or resources available within the family to complete homework tasks.

2.    Guiding Practices

a.    Meaningful homework will be regularly assigned to meet student needs appropriate to grade level, subject area, and ability. 

b.    Homework should not to be used as a disciplinary measure.

c.    Teachers will create an effective mechanism or system to communicate homework assignments. If appropriate and applicable, place homework assignments on the teacher’s website for further clarification.

d.    To support the homework policy, schools will encourage parents to: show interest in the student’s work; encourage/offer advice; insist the work be completed through the student’s own effort; provide a suitable, well-lit area free from distractions, equipped with necessary materials and resources; set specific study times; confer with teachers for suggestions/concerns; monitor activities to ensure assignments are brought home, completed, and returned on time.


1.    Homework is defined as any schoolwork that requires completion outside of the regular instructional day, and includes assignments of short-term and long-term duration. 

2.    Conventional purposes for homework are practice, preparation, check for understanding, and development of work habits.


1.    Homework serves a valid purpose with measurable outcomes. 

2.    Homework reinforces learning concepts which are introduced during classroom instruction by providing activities to practice, apply, integrate, and expand the knowledge and skills of students.


  1. This document reflects the goals of the District’s Strategic Plan and is aligned to District initiatives, resources, guidelines and documents.
  2. This policy aligns with Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) Chapter 392, Pupils, and specifically:
    1. NRS 392.4575, Educational involvement accords; policy by school districts for development and distribution; annual review; submission of information to school support team.
  3. This document aligns with the following WCSD governing documents:
    1. Administrative Regulation 6154, Homework
    2. Administrative Regulation 6201, Literacy
    3. Administrative Regulation 6301, Mathematics
    4. Administrative Procedure ACCT-P102, Attendance Checking, Absences, Missed Instruction, Truancy, Minimum Attendance, Make-Up Work and Parent/School Responsibilities


  1. This document shall be reviewed annually and revised pursuant to relevant changes in federal and state regulations.


Revised July 29, 2014

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