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Circular motion is the motion that links velocity, mass, and radius of the string of an object. If any one of the factors is changed, the motion of the object gets affected or the velocity/acceleration gets affected. All objects going through circular motion experience a force called the centripetal force. Centripetal force is the force that acts from the center of the circular path and makes the object move in the curve instead of flying out. In other words, centripetal force is the force that originates from the center and is directed inwards.

Also, one important factor in this lab is that the circular motion will be horizontal. In this experiment, the factor that will be changed is the radius of the string. This will bring in a direct change in the motion of the rubber stopper attached to the string. The string will pass through a plastic tube, which will be holding gear and the time for 10 rotations of the rubber stopper will be timed by a stop watch.

The velocity will be calculated by using the universally known formula: v = (2r) / t , where ‘v’ is the velocity, ‘r’ is the radius of the string and ‘t’ is the time for one rotation. The main purpose of this experiment is to find out one factor that affects the motion of a rubber stopper in circular motion. In this lab, this factor is the change in radius of the string that is attached to the rubber stopper. In this experiment, the factor that will be changed is the radius of the string. As the radius of the string decreases, the speed of the revolving rubber stopper increases.

This would happen because as the radius decreases, the rubber stopper takes less time to circle around with the constant centripetal force on it. In other words as the radius decreases, the size of the circle decreases, hence it takes less time to cover a smaller circle, with the same force acting on the rubber stopper. In other words, the radius of the string is inversely proportional to the velocity of the stopper. Overall, the experiment was carried out with minimum errors and followed as the procedure. There were eight data points with three trials each.

The experiment was related to one factor that affected the motion of the rubber stopper in circular motion. In this experiment, that factor was the length of the string (radius). As stated in the hypothesis, the radius was decreased which would increase the velocity of the stopper. But as it can be seen from the data table and graph that as the radius decreased the velocity also decreased. Hence, the radius of the string is directly proportional to the velocity of the stopper. This proves my hypothesis wrong which stated that as the radius decreases, the velocity increases.

In my experiment, the radius was decreased which decreased the time elapsed but decreased the velocity as well. This would have happened because as the radius decreased, the stopper actually has to move faster in order to cover the larger circle in the same amount of time. The stopper actually covers much more area of the circle when the radius is larger without taking more time. This theory is exactly opposite as stated in my hypothesis. As it can be seen from my graph and the data table that there were some errors in my experiment.

The percent error that was calculated to be 13. 5 % assures the fact that there were flaws in my experiment. One big error was that when the stopper was revolving, the hand often touched the string of the stopper. This often altered the centripetal force acting on the string, hence changing the values of my data. Another error was that not all the time the radius mark (the mark on the string with the marker) used to be exactly under the plastic pipe. Because of this, the values of the radius were altered hence changing the velocity factor in my experiment.

The errors/flaws stated above can be prevented by a number of steps. Always during the experiment, the only part the hand should touch is the plastic tube only. Even if the hand touches any other part of the apparatus, the experiment should be stopped carefully and the trial should be re-done. Also, instead of using a marker on the string, he string should be tapped or tagged at the point needed. The tag should be greater than the radius of the hole of the plastic tube so that the tag does not pass through the hole, hence it will not alter the value of the desired radius.

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On lab (the picture is an unsolicited addition to a lab report by the students). The iom future of nursing report essay difference english quotations with. Dynamics of uniform circular motion. REPORT: You will be assessed on DCP and CE, so use the checklist for. The Activity: Complete the lab 3.3.2 on. Lab Report of PHYS 111A Lab Number and title: Lab 114: Uniform Circular Motion Introduction The purpose of this lab is to visualize an object going in a. Introduction · Experiment · Analysis · Before You Leave Lab · Include in Your Lab Report. Circular Motion Lab from Rhett Allain on Vimeo. Circular Motion. This force causes the direction of motion of the object to change, thus the object accelerates. Draw a velocity-time graph to illustrate the athlete's horizontal motion. Lab 5: Circular Motion. This experiment is concerned with the force necessary to keep an object. In our practical report we are required to list down some of the. Aim: To find a relationship between the weight of a suspended object (causing circular motion) and the speed of the object. Lab 5 - Uniform Circular Motion. Activity is designed to introduce students to some of the basic terms with circular motion. Worksheet 5 Dark Matter Lab. Circular Motion Lab “An object that moves in a circle at constant speed v is said to undergo uniform circular motion.

Mechanics Notes » Uniform Circular Motion. Credits as well circular motion lab report as take writing service in maryland a brief survey extensive college admission requirements experience in youth.
Abstract: Pendulum, physics teaching, experiment. Budapest assembly approves motion to withdraw 2024 Olympic bid. Introduction. A summary of Uniform Circular Motion in 's Uniform Circular Motion. Circular Motion & Universal Gravitation. And relatively simple harmonic motion circular motion and conclusions drawn. Regents Physics lab report format. When an object is moved in circular path then its motion is circular motion. The objective of this lab is to measure the centripetal force acting on a mass undergoing angular motion. No lab reports will be accepted after the grace period. The lab ideas and associated pages in The Laboratory section of this web site are designed to help. G) Uniform Circular Motion. M-12–Simple Harmonic Motion and Resonance. The European Parliament committee set up to investigate the Dieselgate scandal has voted on its final report. Centripetal acceleration lab report due at start of lab period. Physics 201 Lab: Centripetal Force in Uniform Circular Motion. Freestyle Graphing of Motion Lab Graphing of Motion Picture. Uniform Circular Motion & Universal Gravitation Unit. Make your likes visible on Facebook? Regents Lab Report Style. Lab 8 – Circular Motion. Answer to A group of students, performing the same "Uniform Circular Motion" experiment that you performed in lab, obtained the f. (b) Report this value below. I.OBJECTIVE OF THE EXPERIMENT.

Circular motion, velocity and acceleration, momentum and inertia). The centripetal force is directly proportional to the radius of the circular motion. Since we mods don't patrol very often, just report the threads and don't engage them. Pennies minted before downloading. Our hypothesis is the greater the mass added to the circular motion the greater the. The purpose of this lab is to investigate the relationship between the speed of an object in uniform circular motion (UCM) and the centripetal. Students working in Jarvis Hall Chemistry lab. Lab: Uniform Circular Motion. Balloon tower defence 4 hacked version with infinite money. Projectile Motion; Forces; Circular Motion; Linear Motion; Other. Of the electron by measuring the radius of the circular motion of the beam in a. The lab instructions for this experiment were written by R. Warasila et al. Key concepts. To report the displacement x of some conveniently chosen reference point. Submitted to: Dr. Ufuk YILDIRIM Res. Centripetal Force. This lab will allow us to examine the relationship between mass. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Uniform Circular Motion Lab Report. • test Newton's 2nd Law as it applies to uniform circular motion. Type essay circular motion at constant speed lab conclusion essay. Why does the spinning stopper maintain its circular motion in this lab? A type written report on each laboratory exercise is required unless otherwise stated by the. Pend, Pends, and Springs into 1 Lab Report/document—due NEXT.

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