Biochemistry Personal Statement Example

Studying life processes in molecular terms deeply appeals to me. I was fascinated by the importance of simple molecules, such as water molecule; playing its role as a biological solvent, reactant molecule and temperature regulator. Studying Biochemistry will enhance my interest in the structure and the functions of biological molecules.

I enjoy the fact that it uses the principles and techniques of chemistry to understand basic biological process in living things. I am interested in both the practical and theoretical study of biochemistry, in this area of study I believe that I have the motivation, commitment and determination to succeed.

I am looking forward to studying Biochemistry, in particular genetics, pharmacology and neurology because I find them very fascinating and exciting. I enjoyed studying A-level chemistry, especially the biological aspect of the subject such as protein synthesis and neurotransmitters.

Studying mathematics and physics at A-level allowed me to think clearly and logically, providing me with the ability to work accurately, and hence increasing my problem solving skills.

My first schooling was in 2003. I had no formal education for the first 14 years of my life due...... Considering the disadvantages I have faced I believe that I have made huge progress, not only in the acquisition of the English language but also academically.

This meant working harder than my contemporaries and I was fully prepared to do that, by working independently and teaching myself. In my gap year I want to develop myself in order to build up my self-esteem and gain self-confidence. I want to focus on the skills I wish to develop in order to contribute to a more sustainable future.

I find volunteering at Cancer Research very rewarding; allowing me to use my personal qualities to help the community and to contribute to the world and its worthy causes. It also gives me the opportunity to learn new skills and gain much needed experience, hence increasing my confidence.

It is hugely fulfilling as I'm doing it out of passion and interest. I undertook a 5 week work experience at ***** Hospital; spending my time at different departments, including pathology, hematology, and imaging. My duties included taking measurements, carrying out Statistical analysis using my Mathematical skills and observing the staffs performing their duties.

The hematology and nuclear imaging departments were very exciting as it involves diagnosing any disease through different methods. I can also link this to my career as they both are applied to the needs of the community by way of diagnosis of disease and use this to provide the building blocks necessary to develop solutions to their health.

Combining this experience with the knowledge I have gained helped me to appreciate and understand not only what biochemistry is about, but also the reasons I am doing it for.

I enjoy craft work, including sewing and knitting, which increases my ability to be more creative and I'm willing to extend it to a more advanced level in my gap year. I have also enrolled in Arabic classes as my ambitions include becoming multi-lingual and broadening my horizons and interests.

I am certain that biochemistry is the right course for me because not only will it fulfill my interest in science, but also help me achieve my long term goal of becoming a Biochemist. I am looking forward to extending my knowledge and developing my analytical and research skills in order to reach my full potential.

Biochemistry Personal Statement Examples

Sample Statement

My interest in science first began as a child watching science fiction television programmes and I was thrilled when I got older to discover that molecules and biochemistry really existed.

I became fascinated with how life works at a molecular level and that something as tiny as a water molecule can make such an impact on our daily lives. I feel that the study of Biochemistry is the key to understanding everything about our life process and how we can ensure the survival of the human race.

At school I worked hard to acquire the skill set I would need to study Biochemistry at university by taking Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. I also spent many hours studying around these subjects outside of lessons to equip myself with as much knowledge as I could.

In particular I find genetics highly interesting and with this in mind I completed a work experience placement in a hospital laboratory where I was able to observe the staff, take part in data collection, and get hands-on experience with laboratory equipment.

When I am not studying I enjoy travelling, dining out, and I am still very interested in science fiction films and television programmes. I also participate in several local sports teams including football, rugby, and cricket.

I find an active lifestyle outside of the classroom helps me to balance my studies and allows me to work more thoroughly when I am in the classroom.

After completing my work experience at the hospital I began working part time in my local Boots store pharmacy department to further my knowledge of diseases, medicines, and treatments.

This role also taught me about teamwork and encouraged me to gain a sense of responsibility and maturity that I feel will help me through my university career.

I look forward to gaining a more in depth understand of Biochemistry during my time with your university and having my analytical and research skills stretched. The new challenges I will face will give me the skill set I need to be successful in my future career as a Biochemist.

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